Christine began painting as a teenager, and won her first art award from the Greenwich Art Council in Connecticut while still in high school. After earning a degree in English literature from Colby College and working for a few years, she decided to pursue her passion in the creative arts, earned an MA in graphic design, and embarked on a multifaceted career that has included graphic design, illustration, and writing. She authored and published a book and illustrated two children’s stories (with more on the way). She has painted murals for private businesses and residences in California.

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Over the years, Christine has continued to study painting in Maine, California, and Maryland under Abbott Meader, Walter Bartman, and Glen Kessler. She continues to take classes and workshops and has exhibited work in galleries in Frederick, Bethesda, Laurel, and Annapolis, MD. 

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As an artist, I am drawn to light and mood. Many of my paintings convey a sense of melancholy. Perhaps everyone has just left, or the place has been forgotten. There might be interesting reflections or angles. I don’t try to recreate the scene I am looking at exactly. I think about how that scene makes me feel, and I try to get that feeling on the canvas. 

Before I begin painting, I look for a composition that draws me in, and that seems to have a story to tell. My goal for each painting is for it to evoke certain emotions or sense of place in the viewer.